Manuel GEA

Manuel Gea, Co-founder & CEO Bio-Modeling Systems – « Mechanisms-based Medicine »

Manuel Gea (54 years old) is a serial entrepreneur and a business angel developing disruptive innovations (technologies, novel therapies & business models, licensing deals) in the life sciences, IT & healthcare sectors.

He spent 30 years creating value in various domains and executive jobs:
-from consumer goods Industry to cosmetics, biotechnology & pharma companies and,
-from business to R&D at Colgate-Palmolive, McKinsey, Boehringer Ingelheim, HemispherX Biopharma, Pherecydes-Pharma, BMSystems and, co-founding or contributing to professional organizations (Leem, Medef, Medicen) and Think-Tanks (Adebiotech, Centrale-Santé) to promote disruptive innovation and entrepreneurship.

He is graduated form Ecole Centrale Paris, and has sociology of organizations degree from Paris IX Dauphine University.

Bio-Modeling Systems: The c company

Manuel Gea is co-founder of BMSystems, a company dedicated to the discovery of cost-effective new therapeutic & prevention solutions to address complex unmet medical needs.
BMSystems created in 2004, profitable since 2006 is The dual digital / biology company that invented the first operational « Mechanisms-based Medicine » platform, CADI™ Discovery our validated key asset, to enlarge and redefine the translational medicine paradigm and extract the maximum value from scientific, medical & health data.

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